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The Neighborhood Resilience Project is always looking for more people to join the ranks of HOPE Givers not only in our community, but in communities across the nation and world.

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A national model for trauma-informed community development.

Community Support

It may be said that H.O.P.E.lessness prevents many in Trauma Affected Communities from seeking healing. Community Support is understood to be a moral imperative and a necessary way to engage people who face significant need in their daily lives. In TICD Community Support is therefore is the beginning of the engagement process.

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Health and Well-being

Once the population is engaged it is then time for the healing process to begin. Meaningful relationships built with Community Support can now be networks that introduce and positively reinforce health interventions. In TICD Health and Wellbeing is therefore the beginning of the healing process.

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Leadership Development

As the population heals, they must then become leaders and thus agents of great positive change in their communities. In TICD the work of Leadership Development is therefore knighting the oppressed in order to attain true personal and community transformation.

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