Community Support Programs

Emergency Food Pantry

While the organization supports people in accessing food stamps, often times those resources are not sufficient for a monthly supply of food. The Neighborhood Resilience Project’s emergency food pantry provides additional items for community members without enough food for the month. The organization also provides a weekly hot meal on Wednesdays and bagged lunches on Saturdays as well as a small lunch Monday – Friday.

Document Recovery Program

Many community members experience a loss of their identification card perhaps when coming out of incarceration or because of not having a consistent place to call home. Without an Identification Card, a person cannot access housing, employment and many other programs. The cost of a new identification card can be prohibitive to someone and he or she cannot work without one. Thus, The Neighborhood Resilience Project provides vouchers for Identification Cards and Birth Certificates. This program also serves as an intake to connect people to additional care and resources as needed.

Backpack Feeding Program

Hunger is a form of trauma. To negate this trauma for children, the Neighborhood Resilience Project provides eight food items to just over 1,000 children each weekend.

Clothing Pantry

The clothing pantry is a resource to community members who need clothing. This need could arise out of a new job, a traumatic experience that has caused a loss of clothing or a growing child.