Training and Coaching

Training opportunities are available for people seeking to learn Trauma-Informed Community Development. Introductory workshops, intensive institutes, and classes are available.

Because this framework is so extensive, it is quite often supported with ongoing coaching. Consultation can be offered before training in order to understand what preparation is recommended before attempting to launch a TICD initiative in one’s respective community. Consultation may also be offered to support the implementation of TICD post-training.


The Trauma-Informed Community Development framework includes a toolkit that helps community members manage workflow, assess progress, and analyze impact. This toolkit has been developed and innovated over several years of practical experience in facilitating TICD.

Learning Collaborative

Cohorts from several different regions have come to be trained in the TICD framework. This has created a unique opportunity to build a Learning Collaborative dedicated to facilitating a better understanding of how to most responsibly and effectively facilitate positive community transformation from Trauma Affected Communities to Resilient Healing and Healthy Communities. This network of community innovators allows a tremendous opportunity to share best practices and support mutual growth and learning.