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What is Trauma-Informed Community Development?

As informed by the lived experience of trauma, both individual and collective, TICD is a framework that establishes and promotes resilient healing and healthy communities, so that people can be healthy enough to sustain opportunity and realize their potential.

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Stories of Resilience

Living examples of how trauma affected communities became resilient healing and healthy communities.

The Neighborhood Resilience Project has worked hand in hand with community members and community groups that have been transformed into Resilient Healing and Healthy Communities and have maintained a culture of Health and Well-Being in their lives and in their micro-communities. As the culture of more micro-communities begin to change, the culture of the macro-community will also be impacted.

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Join us in building HOPE.

Learn more about volunteering, Resilient Healing and Healthy Communities, bringing Trauma Informed Community Development to your community or partnering with the Neighborhood Resilience Project to continue the movement.


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